Established in 1982, Showcare Event Solutions and Laser Registration were originally competitors. Both companies strived to become leaders in innovation and had the knowledge and expertise for achieving this goal. As they continuously made groundbreaking achievements, both reshaped the industry and became front-runners in their respective product categories.

One noteworthy accomplishment was the launch of the first user-configurable, enterprise-wide registration platform. This was significant because no one had ever tailored their services to the clients’ needs and therefor Showcare set ‘the bar’ for event registration platforms. Another notable moment was the introduction of the first handheld wireless PDA systems for in-booth lead capture which is now the most widely used lead capture system in the industry. Laser Registration also pioneered the use of bar-code technology with our QuickReg application, now an industry standard. QuickReg and SelfReg displayed enormous potential in earlier years, and thus created a positive foundation for web-service integrations later on. By 2001, Showcare became the only registration company with a fully web-based registration product.

With a recognized label as an events industry innovator, supporting complimentary services and common business practices, it made sense to join forces. In fall 2006, Laser Registration and Showcare merged expanding our service offering and becoming a full-service registration and housing company. The creation of our newest product stemmed from this strategic merger and fusion of services making it the complete, fully integrated event registration platform we have today.

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