Virtual Event Platform

Virtual events are here to stay! Reach a wider audience and allow your
participants to connect with ease. Our virtual event platform is fully
customizable to meet the demands of your upcoming events. From live webinars to
video on demand, choose the features that work best for you.

Learning Center

Welcome to the hub of continuing education. Give your professional members the
ability to earn CE credits and track how they engage with different learning
materials. Gain valuable insights to understand participant behavior to improve
future events.

Expo Hall

Shine the light on sponsors and exhibitors. Participants will be able to
discover and interact with various forms of content as well as connect with
exhibitors in real time. Sponsors and exhibitors will benefit from having a
greater reach as well as unique advertising opportunities.


Make meaningful connections before and after each event. Participants are
encouraged engage with one another and are rewarded through gamification. Meet
mentors, organize groups, share knowledge and more!