Meet the new Showcare: fun, friendly, and forward-thinking

Have you noticed something new about us but couldn’t put your finger on it? We had a blast collaborating with brand architects Human and web developers Phare Media to create our new visual identity and website which fit our personality to a tee. We can’t wait for you to meet the new Showcare!

So many people played an important role in the creation of our new brand. Who better to tell you about it than some of those who influenced our journey!

When did you know that it was time to refresh the Showcare brand?

Amilie Parent, President at Showcare: When I realized that I was not as excited to share my business cards anymore (joke!). For me, the brand is so much more than just a visual identity. It needs to resonate with all employees on an emotional level and reflect who we are. We should be proud and wanting to shout from the rooftops that we work for Showcare. I always felt that we were missing a warm feeling to our brand in the past. Although technology plays a central role in what we do, I know what makes us different is our human-centric approach. In fact, we proudly identify as the human-centric event experts, which can now be felt through our brand.

Melissa Mercadante, VP of Marketing at Showcare: When I first joined Showcare, I knew I was in the right place. Not only were my new teammates beyond welcoming, but they also had this energy—this passion to help others that was infectious. When we started to discuss revisiting our branding strategy, it was obvious that our existing branding was not highlighting our superpower which makes us unstoppable: our people.

What were the first steps to reimagining the brand?

AP: We wanted to find a way to make our team members shine since they are at the heart of everything we do. They were hidden behind the scenes and needed to be brought to the surface for everyone to see. We wanted to emphasize the human side of the company and the extra level of care our people are known for. We interviewed a lot of team members to get their insight into our company culture and team dynamic.

MM: Our clients contribute to making us better every day, so it was important to ensure that our new brand felt authentic to them. We rolled up our sleeves and got to work on a positioning exercise which pushed us to dig deeper into what our clients’ experience is like from start to finish when working with us. We conducted anonymous interviews through a third party so our clients could be as honest as possible and tell us what was working and what wasn’t. We also reached out to partners to better understand the external perception of collaborating with us.

What did you consider when developing Showcare’s new brand identity?

Nicolas LeBlanc (Founder and Head of Strategy at Human): The real challenge here was, as always, not to create something new, but to create something that belongs. To uncover something that was always there and needed no explanation. We took the time to listen carefully and develop the guiding design principles which are deeply rooted in their core values. This was all possible thanks to the amazing team at Showcare (we met only twice in person!), who were a pleasure to collaborate with and brought energy and excitement to the project.

What’s the story behind the logo, colors, and new shapes?

NL: At first glance, the colors are bright, the feel is playful. The shapes of the logo become omnipresent elements that interact graphically and provide visual recognition of the brand. Take a closer look at the “S” icon and you will see two shapes: the “C” shape represents the care they put into everything they do, and the circles represent their human side. When combined, there’s a unique and beautiful synergy mirroring the experience clients have when they partner with Showcare.

Jillian Cardinal, Community Manager at Showcare: Before I arrived at Showcare, I did take note of the brand’s style; after all, it’s highly appealing! But, once I became a part of the team, I quickly learned it was much more than that. See those shapes? They represent care. They represent people. They represent why we do what we do. Our shapes move, play, highlight the others, and at times change size. Because they grow, and together WE grow, with every interaction.

How does the website capture the new reimagined identity?

Alexandre Bussière, Web Producer at Phare Media: Working closely with Human, our goal was to ensure the website helped to give life to the new visual identity and brand personality. In order to create a vibrant digital environment, we focused on developing a smooth navigation and dynamic animations and transitions with visual graphics that stand out. We prioritized the user experience on the website to provide an engaging atmosphere that’s fun to navigate.

What’s it like designing with the new branding?

Tabi Gadoua, Graphic Designer at Showcare: Our new branding is clean, uncomplicated and energizing. I love that we can be impactful without being overwhelming and playful, yet structured at the same time. The bright and unique color scheme is a pleasure to work with and I think it helps us stand out from the crowd. With just a few simple shapes, a handful of colors and some iconography, I feel like the creative design possibilities are endless and I’m excited to see how our branding will evolve.

How do our values and new visual identity make us stand out?

Robert Kozub, CEO at Showcare: Our values are the foundation of our brand. They truly do guide the decisions we make every day: People First, We’re in it Together, Stay Ahead of the Curve, Do What’s Right, and Be Extraordinary. Our values are more powerful than ever when aligned with our brand personality, tone, and visual representation. I believe what we stand for and who we are as a team gives us a special quality. We are here to push boundaries and go above and beyond in order to help our clients exceed their event goals. When we work with our clients, we become an extension of their team. We face challenges together, celebrate the wins, and develop trusting and lasting relationships.

This brand refresh journey led us to re-evaluate our WHY as an organization.

We took the next step in articulating why we do what we do and identifying our superpowers. By developing a statement that resonates with us and the people who know us best, we can always refer to it to ensure that all of our actions are true to our brand. As Simon Sinek says in his book, Start With Why (which we would highly recommend!), “People don’t buy what you do it, they buy why you do it.”

So, what is our WHY?

To care wholeheartedly so that together we never stop growing.

As our president Amilie Parent explains, “We are committed to caring about one another, the work we do and the relationships we build with our clients, partners, and event participants. It’s this level of care that ensures we continue to grow together. This is why our Showcarians feel inspired to bring their best to work every day. Our goal is to push ourselves and our community forward, challenge the status quo, and reach new heights. As an organization, we want to contribute positively to the world. I know–this may seem like a lofty goal but we strongly believe in the butterfly effect!”

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