Monetization strategies: How to turn your event into a revenue generator

Virtual and hybrid events provide us with a wealth of monetization opportunities if we think outside the box. Go beyond sponsorship ads—there are so many possibilities!

How do you keep people engaged beyond the main event?

Virtual experiences should play a critical role in your long-term engagement strategy. Discover how to stay connected with your community year-round.

How to get a fully engaged audience at all stages of the hybrid event journey

Audience engagement is the holy grail for the success of many hybrid events. How do you start the conversation before the event, keep the participant’s attention during it, and continue interacting with your community after the event? Additionally, how do you connect the in-person and online audiences? Sina Bünte, founder of shares her expertise.

Fun, friendly, and forward-thinking: Meet the new Showcare

Have you noticed something new about us but couldn’t put your finger on it? We had a blast collaborating with brand architects Human and web developers Phare Media to create our new visual identity and website which fit our personality to a tee.

What should you charge for on-demand access to event content?

Learning and connection shouldn’t stop when the event officially closes. On-demand content keeps the engagement going and availability to this content has value. Discover different ways of offering this worthwhile information to your attendees post event!

Our key takeaways from PCMA Convening Leaders 2021

PCMA Convening Leaders 2021 started the year off strong. Discover the themes and messages that we will carry forward into the new year.

Plan your 2021 virtual events for the next normal

With a new year (and a vaccine) ahead of us, we need to ensure we maintain engagement and connection with our participants. In order to do so, we must keep planning virtual events!

The perfect content recipe for your event: buffet vs. tapas

Events can be planned in an “all-you-can-eat buffet” or “tapas” style. Discover how designing with both ideas in mind leads to more engaging and appetizing programs!

Slinky event design: keep the connection going

Our "next normal” and event lifecycle should be thought of as an ongoing event Slinky! Learn how we can measure, collect, and connect all the "dots” and best use them as part of our event design strategy and marketing.