Partnering with us

Showcare becomes a part of your team

We believe in taking the time to understand your perspective and vision in order to help you fulfill your event goals. 


The value we bring to our clients is founded on the passion and integrity our team members share. We are proud to have a team filled with knowledgeable experts who will be just as invested in your event’s success as you are.


Working with us

Innovation is our middle name

At Showcare our philosophy is that change should be embraced. We foster a culture that is always seeking to challenge and refine our internal products and procedures. We are always exploring new creative ways to do what we do even better.

Data on demand

Our comprehensive business intelligence platform provides customized reports and dashboards and is structured to consolidate information from a variety of sources in one place. Live registration and housing reports with your specific KPIs for quick onsite status reports bring increased visibility to your event.

The latest technology

We develop customized registration processes to support complex business logic, next-gen session scanning to provide you with invaluable insights about attendees, lead management solutions that improve your exhibitors’ ROI, and social intelligence tools to ensure your event remains a leader in your industry.

Integration specialists

We make implementing web service integrations stress-free. Our platform is built to facilitate third-party web service integration using best practice methodology to make every integration delivery smooth and painless. Our integration specialists will work with your technology partners and provide you with the best service and technology available in the market.

Your event partner

We are an extension of your team and just as invested in your success as you are.