Lead Retrieval

Exhibitors invest a great deal by participating at events. In return, they expect to have access to innovative technology that will help them generate and manage reliable leads. Our lead retrieval product offering is compact providing exhibitors with a lead capture solution that is flexible, powerful, and practical. With our mobile application lead retrieval option, you will be able to maximize your attendees lead collection off-site as well.

Mobile Event Lead Management

Showlead Mobile is a proprietary solution that reduces the dependence on traditional lead retrieval equipment offering an option for exhibitors that complements Showcare’s already wide selection of devices. Showlead Mobile is available for both iOS and Android devices and can be used on a mobile phone or tablet. Your exhibitors will benefit from accessing lead information on-the-spot for an immediate follow up.

Showlead Desktop

For events where exhibitors have several booth staff and cater to specific attendee demographics, Showlead desktop is the ideal solution. Provide your exhibitors with the flexibility of pre-qualifying leads and assigning territory or district booth representatives to their pre-qualified attendee list. Instant notifications via SMS or e-mail notify reps of an attendee’s arrival, all managed by Showcare’s desktop application.

Showlead Product Suite

Showcare’s suite of products provides exhibitors with flexibility in the selection of their choice products. A combination of hardware and software covers all bases for one of the most user and exhibitor friendly experiences available.

Attendee Lead Management

Attendee lead management is complimentary tool designed to help attendees connect with exhibitors putting power in the hands of the attendee by allowing communication to vendors that may have products and services the attendee might be seeking to purchase. Attendees who had their badge scanned are sent a personalized link in an e-mail post show. Exhibitor details provided contain a main contact, mailing address, phone, fax, email and website.