Audience Growth Client Story – The Obesity Society, ObesityWeek®

ObesityWeek® greatly benefited from Showcare’s audience growth services

About The Obesity Society

The Obesity Society (TOS) is a scientific membership organization dedicated to the study of obesity, its treatment, and prevention. Founded in 1982, the mission of TOS is to advocate for and promote the highest quality in research, clinical care, education, and policy development to address the needs of people living with obesity.

They strive to be a leading force in furthering the scientific understanding of obesity and to highlight and promote equitable access to the best evidenced-based practice for its prevention and treatment while working with partner organizations to eliminate the stigma and discrimination associated with this chronic disease.

TOS has approximately 2,800 members worldwide, ranging from early career to established members in the field, including basic and clinical research, clinicians and care providers, educators, early career investigators, and students. In 2019, TOS separated from another association that had previously brought in half of the ObesityWeek® conference attendees. TOS worked with Showcare since 2020 for a completely virtual conference, which went very well. They decided to continue the partnership in 2022, this time for a hybrid conference. Despite transitioning entirely in-person since then, our ongoing support for TOS remains steadfast.



TOS’s marketing department relies on one person and has a limited budget to attract attendees to ObesityWeek®.

In 2019, the conference lost one of two associations that had previously brought in half of the attendees.

The past years have been challenging for TOS due to both the change in conference structure and the pandemic.

Due to their limited marketing resources, Showcare was contracted to help.

Complete Services

Showcare’s marketing and audience growth services are designed to maximize the reach and impact of associations and their events using the support of our digital marketing experts, results-driven strategies, and state-of-the-art tools and tech. We listened to TOS’s feedback and learned that expanding their audiences beyond their current member base, boosting member signup and event registration, and fostering a highly engaged long-term community are keys to success for the years to come.

Showcare marketing services include but aren’t limited to:

  • Marketing strategy audit and creation
  • Campaign execution and optimization
  • Audience insights and data collection
  • Content creation
  • Google Ad Grant support
  • Crafting and executing an overarching sales funnel

Note that all paid ad campaigns are regularly monitored to ensure the media spending is minimized and optimally spent to focus on your goals.

Custom Solutions

After research, in-depth persona understanding, auditing content assets, and building the marketing strategy, our experts set out a game plan for ObesityWeek®. It includes:

  • Paid social media ad campaigns (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Paid Google Ads campaigns (Search and Display Programmatic)
  • Email marketing
  • Call campaigns

Our internal team was able to carry out the project from A to Z:

  • Design everything from ads to landing pages
  • Create content
  • Execute the strategy on each platform
  • Optimize the campaigns for better ROAS (return on ad spend)
  • A/B testing and analysis

We went with ROAS (return on ad spend) instead of ROI (return on investment) because the process was more precise with the data we collected.

Having a limited budget for paid social media ad campaigns, we did ad flights to focus our resources on where and when the customers were more likely to be ready to register for the event.

The Showcare marketing team did a lot of A/B testing with ad content, optimizing ads to keep the best-performing ones and starting new campaigns to have better results.

All ad campaigns were segmented into each persona and event variation (virtual, hybrid, in-person).

The Outstanding Results

For the Twitter and Facebook ad campaigns, we reached great ROAS results: 34x on Twitter and 25x on Facebook. For LinkedIn ads, we saw that the traction we anticipated wasn’t there, so we stopped the ads and transferred the budget to Twitter and Facebook.

The Obesity Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which means Google Ads gives a grant of up to $10K per month (use-or-lose) of free advertisement. Use of the full $10K is dependent on effective ad optimization. For the grant optimization strategy, we reached 12x ROAS and utilized more than $17K in a little over 4 months, increasing the impact of the free grant.

For the whole project, the ROI reached 13x.

Today, The Obesity Society has decided to continue to partner with Showcare for other projects and year-round marketing initiatives.

You can be next. Partner with Showcare and discover how we can grow your association to a whole new level 😊!

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