One single process

Keep it simple

Showcare’s registration is a simplified step-based process allowing registrants and organizers the ability to manage information with ease.


An involved event management team of specialists works together to help you create a fluid and enjoyable user experience.



Benefits at a glance


Our Showteam brings expertise backed by years of experience to ensure a smooth and efficient onsite registration setup.

Seamless membership database integration

Our registration systems are designed to integrate with your databases. Our development experts are well versed in integration practices and will help you map out the right solution to provide a seamless process for your members when registering.

Self-service registration and check-in made easy

Our kiosk-style self-service solutions allow attendees to register or check-in on their own with minimal onsite assistance making registration effortless and convenient. Help reduce lines by enabling attendees to scan their confirmation barcode and receive their badge within seconds.

Hotel reservation & room block management

Our all-in-one housing + registration platform makes it easy for registering attendees to manage their hotel reservations. It also gives you unhindered access to the info you need to effectively manage your hotel room blocks and minimize the risk of attrition.

Experienced hotel contract negotiation, management and review

As your meeting grows, so does the need for amenities and concessions within your hotel and housing contracts. Our housing specialists have the expertise to help you understand and review your existing contract details and maximize your revenue. 

Custom badge design and production

We design and customize badges to represent your organization’s brand identity. Our badge production is always consistent, using the same equipment pre-event as well as onsite. Badges can be printed on standard or non-standard paper or plastic card formats using barcode, magnetic stripe or HF and UHF RFID tags. Once badge stock is approved, our production team follows a strict process to manage badge printing as well as any necessary mailings.